We have a beautiful facility equipped with state of the art censored night vision cameras, 10 large sized runs, 8 medium sized runs, and over 40 cages in all sizes. Our staff is committed to all of our pets and the care and safety all our pets. We make routine visits to the facility after hours and monitor them on camera to ensure their safety and comfort. We board exotics, small animals, and avians too! Call 954-748-9738 today to schedule your boarding reservation and to visit and tour our facility.


  • Your pet must be up to date with vaccinations, with the minimum of Rabies, and Bordetella.
  • Please bring food for your dog with feeding instructions
  • If you would like to bring a blanket of theirs please do
  • You do not need to bring bowls
  • Please bring your pets favorite toy

Payment is due on drop-off, it is not our policy to bill our clients We accept cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Boarding is for a 24hr block (8 AM- 8AM for example), after that 24 period a ½ day or full day daycare charge will apply. Prices are subject to change (without notice) If you are a first time client, we will provide you with a FREE Office Exam with the purchase of boarding services. You can also fill out and either fax or email a client registration form, for faster service.